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As a Eagle Boy Scout, Robb has always enjoyed a good fire to pass time in the evening. However, in your backyard, it is very important to be careful ,and to keep your family safe from the fire. Robb has teamed up with "PreCast Outdoor Fireplaces" to bring you the ultimate in safety and convenience, with your very own backyard fireplace.

This is the same Outdoor Fireplace that has been enjoyed for years by thousands of travelers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. State Parks choose Precast Outdoor Fireplaces time after time because their steel reinforced firebrick lasts and lasts, camper after camper. The pre-tempered link logs are heat resistant and virtually fireproof, and their permanent appearance is a natural complement to any backyard. Many people are choosing these Outdoor fireplaces by Precast for their own outdoor backyard barbecues because they have found the lightweight link-logs are easy to assemble, and require no cement or maintenance. And if you move, your Precast Outdoor Fireplace can be moved too, with little fuss,. Use wood or charcoal, Precast is designed for both. Your new outdoor fireplace comes complete with adjustable grates and is available in a natural gray color.

The solid fire retardant cement log used in our outdoor fireplaces stays cool to the touch, these outdoor fireplaces are easily setup or taken apart allowing you to easily move your outdoor fireplace to a new  location or even to bring camping. Other outdoor fireplaces are cemented together or are made of brick which cannot be easily moved. Once assembled these outdoor fireplaces are sturdy and steady, just look at their weights! Under normal use our Outdoor fireplaces should last a life time, and retain their natural beauty.

So if this is your idea of a good time, then call Robb's Fireplaces and get the outdoor fireplace you have always dreamed of! 412-877-5777

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